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Weavers Collarless Jacket

Weavers Collarless Jacket

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A collarless jacket with a classic tailored style.
This is a jacket that should be worn loosely like a cardigan.
You can easily roll up the cuffs and wear it casually for a cool look.
It's lined with brushed cotton material, so it's extremely resistant to the cold.
As it is worn repeatedly and washed, it adapts to the wearer's body and changes over time.
Comes with front pocket, chest pocket, and inside pocket.
High-density heavy weight corduroy woven using an old-fashioned loom. It is a material that allows you to feel the ridges of corduroy. It is a 100% cotton fabric that becomes more flavorful the more you use it.







Length: 79cm
Width: 62cm
Shoulder width: 56cm
Sleeve length: 81cm

Length: 81cm
Width: 64cm
Shoulder width: 61cm
Sleeve length: 83cm

model: 178cm (Khaki)175cm (Beige)/wearing L size



We believe that by creating a design that does not interfere with the characteristics of the material or silhouette, we can take advantage of the inherent goodness.
If we can convey the skills of the craftsmen involved in a better way, we hope to be able to create products that the wearer can enjoy and enjoy for a long time.


*Due to the long pile of the fabric, there may be some fuzz, slight scratches, or scuffs caused by the production process due to friction. Thank you for your understanding.
*Due to the long pile and textured fabric, there is a possibility that fuzzing and scratches may occur due to friction from washing. Please wash by hand or in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using the "dry cycle" or "hand wash cycle".

*Please read before purchasing*
Product images may differ in color depending on your monitor environment. We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer circumstances such as ``It's not what I expected'', ``The size doesn't fit'', ``I ordered it incorrectly'', etc.
We also cannot accept exchanges or returns of products due to differences in the way each customer perceives the product, such as the smell of the product.
Please note.

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