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Crew Neck T-Shirt

Crew Neck T-Shirt

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A big crew neck T-shirt with a wide width and extreme drop shoulders that suits all genders and body types.
It features a loose size and minimal design that is easy to match with any outfit.
It has an exquisite texture that is neither too thick nor too thin, making it a daily wear that can be worn all season.
With chest pocket.

This cotton jersey material is tightly knitted from a blend of India's super long cotton "Subin cotton" and another type of Indian super long cotton.
It is characterized by its soft texture and beautiful luster.
We use extra-long cotton raw materials, but only those with longer fibers are selected and spun, resulting in a finish that is exceptionally soft and shiny.







Length: 68cm
Width: 65cm
Shoulder width: 64cm
Sleeve length: 18cm
Length: 71cm
Width: 67cm
Shoulder width: 66cm
Sleeve length: 20cm

*Measured when placed flat. There may be slight differences in measurements. Thank you for your understanding.

Model wearing BLACK 173cm / L size
Model wearing WHITE: 173cm / Msize



We believe that by creating a design that does not interfere with the characteristics of the material or silhouette, we can take advantage of the inherent goodness.
If we can convey the skills of the craftsmen involved in a better way, we hope to be able to create products that the wearer can enjoy and enjoy for a long time.

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