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Work No Collar Shirt

Work No Collar Shirt

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A minimal collarless shirt with front buttons.
The material and size make this shirt look relaxed yet beautiful.

Collarless design that is easy to use for both inner and outer wear.

It features large tucks on the wrists and back.
This shirt has a chest pocket.

Since the product has been washed,
It has a wrinkled texture that makes it look like it has been worn out.
It has just the right texture for all seasons.

(You can wear it as a set up with 'WORK BAGGY TROUSERS' or 'WORK TAPERED TROUSERS' released at the same time.)

A cotton gabardine material called «RAIN PATTERN STRIPE» is used here.

YOKO SAKAMOTO, a designer, based on the archive materials of Bishu's historical weavers,
It is an original material that has been reinterpreted with the aim of creating a material that can be worn all year round.

The warp threads are twisted with different colors and counts,
By using it as a heathered thread,
A deep striped rain pattern is expressed.

Using threads with a natural texture for the weft,
By weaving with an old-fashioned shuttle loom,
It is finished in a twill fabric with a hand-woven texture.
Countless striped patterns that faintly float in the fine rain pattern.
It is characterized by a unique presence like an antique carefully hand-woven by human hands.


100% cotton
Made in Japan


size: L
Length : 78.5cm
Width: 66cm
Shoulder width: 66cm
Sleeve length : 53cm

Wearing model: 178cm 60kg / Lsize

*Measured when laid flat.
There may be slight differences in measurements.
Thank you for your understanding.

Yoko Sakamoto

Started activities under the name yokosakamoto in 2013.
The collection will be announced from Fall/Winter 2016.

We believe that by creating a design that does not interfere with the nature of materials and silhouettes, we can make the most of the original goodness.

We hope that if we can convey the skills of the craftsmen involved in our work in a better way, we will be able to create products that people who wear our products will love and use for a long time.

We believe that by creating designs that do not interfere with the nature of the materials and silhouettes, we can make the most of their original qualities of the materials.

We hope to pass on and communicate the skills of the craftsmen involved in our work in a better way and that this will lead to the creation of products that will enrich the lives of the wearers and be one of their favorite items in their closet the would have for a long time to come.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------
This collarless shirts with front button closure.

This shirts has a relaxed yet clean look.

The collarless design is easy to use with either inner or outerwear.

The large tucks at the wrists and back are a distinctive feature.
This shirt has a chest pocket.

The texture is crumpled and wrinkled as if they were worn out.
The fabric is just right for all seasons.


Made in Japan


100% cotton

size: L
body length : 78.5cm
body width: 66cm
shoulder width: 66cm
sleeve length : 53cm

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