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Weavers Tapered Pants

Weavers Tapered Pants

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Wide tapered pants with elastic waist.
No-tuck simple style.
If you have one, you won't have to worry about coordinating these pants.

Since the waist is elastic, it can be used for a wide range of sizes.
Belt loops and waist tie.

It has a very soft and supple texture.
These pants are great even in midsummer.

The fabric is a material woven using an old-fashioned shuttle loom at a weaving shop with a long history in the Enshu region.

Since NEP yarn is used, it reproduces the uneven look of hand-spun and hand-woven fabric.

Tumbler drying is performed at the fabric stage, resulting in a fluffy and soft texture.

Pigment dyeing + bio processing is applied, and it features a very tasteful coloring that looks like it has been worn.

Every time you wear it, you can enjoy a more tasteful and unique aging.

* Due to the special dyeing and washing process, each item has a different color unevenness, wrinkles, and feel. Please understand beforehand that there may be errors with the sample.

* Regarding products that are dyed, we pay close attention to making them, but depending on the situation, there may be cases where the color is transferred. Thank you for your understanding.


100% cotton

size: M
Waist : ~81cm
Rise: 38cm
Inseam: 66cm
Crossing : 36cm
Hem width: 19cm

size: L
Waist: ~84cm
Rise: 39cm
Inseam: 69cm
Crossing : 37cm
Hem width: 20cm

Wearing model 174cm / Msize

*Measured when laid flat.
There may be slight differences in measurements.
Thank you for your understanding.

Yoko Sakamoto

Started activities under the name yokosakamoto in 2013.
The collection will be announced from Fall/Winter 2016.

We believe that by using a design that does not interfere with the characteristics of the material and silhouette, we can make the most of the original goodness.

We hope that if we can convey the skills of the craftsmen involved in our products in a better way, the people who will wear them will be able to create products that are richer and can be used for a long time.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------


We believe that by creating designs that do not interfere with the nature of the materials and silhouettes, we can make the most of their original qualities of the materials.

We hope to pass on and communicate the skills of the craftsmen involved in our work in a better way and that this will lead to the creation of products that will enrich the lives of the wearers and be one of their favorite items in their closet the would have for a long time to come.

Made in Japan


100% cotton


size: M
Waist: ~81cm
Rize: 38cm
Length: 66cm
Width of thigh: 36cm
Leg opening: 19cm

size: L
Waist: ~84cm
Rize: 39cm
Length: 69cm
Width of thigh: 37cm
Leg opening: 20cm

model : 174cm / L size

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