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Painter Tapered Pants

Painter Tapered Pants

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Wide tapered pants with elastic waist.
It features a unique and soft comfort that is a combination of fabric and knit.

It's great that you can wear it like a jersey, but it's not sloppy.
With front pocket and hip pocket.

The fabric used this time is “COWE KNIT”.

Cowin knit is an abbreviation of 'combine weave and knit', which is a combination of woven fabric and knit.
It has little growth and has a tight look.
Currently, it is produced in only a few very few factories in Japan, and it is made with a special knitting machine that is only a few in Japan.

It is a special and rare fabric with limited production plants and production numbers.

In addition, this time we have adopted a structure called "Kanoko", which is woven with a high density.
It features a unique textured texture.

Contrary to the high-density woven appearance,
Excellent flexibility and breathability
The texture makes it easy to wear in all seasons.

Pigment dyeing + bio processing + hand painting processing is applied to the fabric,
Finished with a very tasteful coloring that looks like it has been worn.

Every time you wear it, you can enjoy a more tasteful and unique aging.

* Due to special dyeing, washing, and hand painting processes,
Each piece has a different wrinkle feeling, touch feeling, paint feeling, and how to enter and the amount to enter.


100% cotton


size: L
Waist : 72-84cm
Rise: 40cm
Inseam: 59cm
Crossing : 40cm
Hem width: 19cm

Wearing model 175cm / Lsize

*Measured when laid flat.
There may be slight differences in measurements.
Thank you for your understanding.

Yoko Sakamoto

Started activities under the name yokosakamoto in 2013.
The collection will be announced from Fall/Winter 2016.

We believe that by creating a design that does not interfere with the nature of materials and silhouettes, we can make the most of the original goodness.

We hope that if we can convey the skills of the craftsmen involved in our work in a better way, we will be able to create products that people who wear our products will love and use for a long time.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------


We believe that by creating designs that do not interfere with the nature of the materials and silhouettes, we can make the most of their original qualities of the materials.

We hope to pass on and communicate the skills of the craftsmen involved in our work in a better way and that this will lead to the creation of products that will enrich the lives of the wearers and be one of their favorite items in their closet the would have for a long time to come.

Made in Japan


100% cotton


size: L
Waist: 72-84cm
Rize: 40cm
Length: 59cm
Width of thigh: 40cm
Leg opening: 19cm

model : 175cm / L size

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